Substantive Change

In accordance with federal regulations and the Commission’s Substantive Change Policy and Substantive Change Procedures, member institutions must submit a substantive change request to the Commission for approval prior to implementation for certain types of changes.

It is the responsibility of an institution to follow the Commission’s Substantive Change Policy and to obtain approval prior to implementation. Failure to obtain prior approval from the Commission for substantive changes jeopardizes the institution’s accreditation status and may negatively affect the institution’s Title IV funding or eligibility.

The Commission accepts substantive change requests six times a year according to the deadlines established in the Substantive Change Procedures.

Email Commission staff at

Please log in to the institution portal to submit a change request.


The following resources are available in the Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines sections:

  • Credit Hour Policy
  • Dues and Fees Procedures
  • Substantive Change Policy
  • Substantive Change Procedures
  • Substantive Change Visits to Branch Campuses and Additional Locations
  • Teach-out Plans and Agreements Policy
  • Teach-out Plans and Agreements Procedures

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