Call For Commissioner Nominations

The Committee on Membership of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) has an open call for self-nominations or the nominations of others to serve as an MSCHE Commissioner to fill anticipated vacancies on the Commission.

Individuals shall be considered for nomination consistent with the Commission’s commitment for its governing body to be representative of the diversity of size, ownership, and academic nature of the institutional members and to reflect broad geographical and demographic representation by the Commissioners.

Nominees shall include active administrative or academic representatives of member institutions or an employee of a higher education organization that represents the interests of member institutions as well as public representatives.

The Commission defines a public representative as an individual who is not an employee, governing board member, owner, shareholder, or consultant of an institution accredited by the Commission or a candidate for accreditation by the Commission; who is not a member of any trade association or membership organization related to, affiliated with, or associated with the Commission; and who is not a spouse, parent, child, or sibling of any of the above. The Commission elects public representatives in accordance with its bylaws and federal regulations.

This is a working Commission, and Commissioners spend approximately 8-10 days each year on Commission business, including Commission meetings and accreditation committee meetings. Significant preparation for all meetings is required. The full Commission usually meets for one day each in March, June, and November.

While the Committee on Membership will accept nominations on a rolling basis, nominations received by March 31 in a given year will be considered for election on the following year’s Commission.

Each member of the Commission shall be elected by the Commission to serve a term of five (5) years, commencing on the January 1 immediately following such Commissioner’s election to the Commission, and may hold such office until the expiration of the term for which such Commissioner was elected or until such Commissioner’s earlier death, resignation or removal. No Commissioner may be elected to serve the Corporation for more than two consecutive full terms. A Commissioner may be reelected for service after an absence from the office of Commissioner of at least one year.

In an effort to reach as broad constituency as possible, MSCHE invites individuals to share this page link,, with individuals who might have an interest in the work of the Commission and accreditation to complete the below nomination form or for self-nomination.

Please contact email with any questions or technical difficulties.