Annual Institutional Update

The Annual Institutional Update, or AIU, replaces the Institutional Profile (IP) as the Commission’s primary means of collecting members’ institutional characteristics (key institutional contacts, locations, Carnegie classification, etc.), enrollment, financial, and “student success” (including graduation, loan repayment, and default rates) information.

It is also the means whereby an institution can opt to provide “contextual” information to clarify what might otherwise appear to be a negative or adverse trend (e.g. single-digit graduation rates over an extended period; shrinking fund balance). MSCHE collects data annually from institutions regardless of other accreditation processes with no exceptions.

The inaugural AIU opens August 27, 2018, and remains open through September 28, 2018. Beginning in 2019, the AIU will open in the spring and remain open for approximately four weeks.

Additional Resources For more on the AIU, download the AIU overview slide presentation.


2018 AIU Data Dictionaries

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