Become a Peer Evaluator


Serving as a peer evaluator can benefit both you and your institution by building your network of professionals, learning about best practices at other institutions, and furthering your knowledge and expertise with the accreditation process.


Peer evaluators who accept an invitation to an assignment are required to abide by the Peer Evaluators Policy and Procedures, complete a Conflict of Interest Form, certify a Statement of Ethical Conduct, and an Antitrust Certification of Compliance.


The Commission seeks competent, knowledgeable, and qualified higher education professionals with three or more years of experience at a college or university, individuals currently employed at an MSCHE member institution, and individuals with expertise that meets the Commission’s current needs.

The Commission is recruiting individuals with one of the following current needs:

For-Profit Institutions

  • Nursing and health
  • Business

Non-Profit Institutions

  • Financial /CFOs
  • Religious/ Seminary
  • Trades (i.e.., Carpentry, Construction, Masonry, etc.)


The Commission opens the application process each year between November 1st through March 31st. Interested individuals must apply by submitting an Evaluator Data Form (EDF). After completing the EDF, allow the Commission up to six weeks to review your application.

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Training events are provided in a variety of educational delivery options including face-to-face training, webinars, and online modules. The Commission will inform accepted peer evaluators of the training requirements and schedule.


The Commission staff carefully analyzes, selects, and invites peer evaluators to assignments based on the Commission’s current needs and the information provided in the Evaluator Data Form (EDF). When chosen for an assignment, peer evaluators are expected to respond to invitations in a timely manner.

The types of assignments are listed in the Accreditation Activities Guidelines.

Active Peer Evaluators Status:

To remain active, peer evaluators are required to update their EDF at least every three years and should update their EDF when any major changes occur. The Commission periodically sends out reminders to update the EDF and EDFs that are not update automatically become inactive. Inactive peer evaluators are required to reapply by submitting a new EDF and complete the required training before they will be considered for an assignment.


General Peer Evaluator Information:


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