Become a Peer Evaluator

Why volunteer as a Peer Evaluator?

Serving as a Peer Evaluator for MSCHE benefits you as a professional as well as your institution – your training and work as a Peer Evaluator will help prepare you and your own institution for future interactions with the accreditation process. Serving as a Peer Evaluator has additional benefits including networking opportunities and professional growth and achievement. Finally, you become a key element in maintaining a long history of peer evaluation as an important part of the accreditation process.

What do Peer Evaluators do?

Peer Evaluators are a vital part of the peer review process, serving as the first layer in a multi-layered accreditation decision making process. Peer Evaluators conduct on-site institutional visits and/or review written evidence submitted by institutions undergoing different types of accreditation reviews. They also participate in making accreditation and preaccreditation (Candidacy) decisions. Peer Evaluators make careful judgments about the institution’s compliance with accreditation standards outlined in MSCHE’s Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation within the context of the institution’s mission.

What qualifications do I need to become a Peer Evaluator?

The Commission seeks experienced, qualified, and competent individuals. Individuals who have professional knowledge or experience in institutional finance, student services, alternative delivery methods (distance education, etc.) and the medical fields are encouraged to apply.

How do I apply to be a Peer Evaluator?

We welcome your interest in wanting to become a peer evaluator; however, at this time, the Commission is no longer accepting applications. The Commission opens the application process between November 1 through March 31 each year.

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What happens after I apply?

After you complete the Evaluator Data Form (EDF), your application will be reviewed by Commission staff. Staff make every effort to bring new volunteers into the process as soon as possible, but not all Peer Evaluators will be selected for assignments immediately. If selected, Commission staff will assign you to an accreditation review and you may accept or decline the invitation. You must attend an orientation prior to the review or visit.

How are Peer Evaluators selected for assignments?

The Commission staff is responsible for assigning individuals to specific review or visit assignments. Individuals are selected to be Peer Evaluators for a specific accreditation review or visit based on education, areas of expertise, level of experience, position at his or her institution, and overall diversity. Qualifications to serve are determined through careful staff analysis of detailed information submitted to MSCHE via the online Evaluator Data Form.

What kind of training is available?

To support the peer review process, individuals selected for assignments are trained by the Commission to assume evaluation responsibilities, appropriate to their assigned role, regarding the application of the MSCHE’s standards, policies, and procedures. The Commission requires training for new Peer Evaluators prior to their participation on an accreditation review or visit. Training events are provided in a variety of educational delivery options including face to face training, webinars, and online modules. The Commission regularly solicits feedback on training events and workshops to make continuous improvements to educational programming.

Having Difficulties?

If you encounter any problems accessing or completing the contact information form, please contact: (215-662-5605)