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Please see the below contact list for guidance on where to direct your correspondence, but do not email multiple individuals at the Commission. If your email does not reach the correct unit or staff member as noted below, we will make sure it is routed to the appropriate individual.

  • MSCHE members are reminded that specific questions related to institutions should be sent to the MSCHE Vice President liaison from those who are assigned as key contacts at the institution.
  • For the accreditation status of an MSCHE institution, please visit the Institution Directory:
  • Media inquiries should be directed to

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Accreditation Status: Information about an MSCHE-accredited institution is available on the Statement of Accreditation Status (SAS):
Accredited Institutions: Key contacts at MSCHE member institutions should send communications via email to their assigned MSCHE Vice President liaison.
Candidate and Applicant Institutions: If you still have questions related to becoming accredited by MSCHE after reviewing information at
Accreditation Process: For general questions from the public related to the accreditation process or Commission actions:
Mid-Point Peer Review (MPPR):
Annual Institutional Update (AIU):
Substantive Change: If you are unable to find information about substantive change requests at
If your accreditation-related question does not fit any of the above areas:


Complaints Against Member Institutions: If you have been unable to find the information you need about the MSCHE complaint process after visiting
Complaints Against the Commission: If you have been unable to find the information you need about the MSCHE complaint process after visiting
Whistleblower Complaints: If you want to report a Whistleblower Complaint, please review policies and procedures at, before emailing:
Antitrust Compliance: If you want to report an Antitrust Compliance issue, please review policies and procedures at, before emailing:


For media inquiries, logo usage, and questions from the public regarding Commission actions or the accreditation process:

Events, Training, and Educational Programming

Events: For questions about events hosted by the Commission including registration and payment:
Training: For questions about the Commission’s training programs for peer evaluators or institutions:


For information related to dues and fees invoices and peer evaluator travel expense reimbursement:

Information Services/IT Support

For support in accessing the MSCHE portal, including resetting passwords:

Peer Evaluators

If you have been unable to find the information you need about serving as a peer evaluator after visiting at
For information related to peer evaluator travel expense reimbursement:

Policy and Procedures

If you are unable to find the information you need about MSCHE policies and procedures after visiting

President’s Office

For contacting the MSCHE President’s Office but not for general inquiries to the Commission:

Research/Annual Institutional Update

For questions related to the MSCHE research, AIU, and member survey requests:

General Inquiries

For general inquiries or questions that do not fit any of the above categories:


MSCHE Speakers Bureau

Need a speaker? Thought leaders from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education are available to provide expert commentary on a number of topics, including the essential role the Commission plays in assuring trust and instilling confidence in higher education, how accreditation fits in the changing higher education landscape, the use of data in assessment, the shifting regulatory landscape. The Commission maintains an independent voice in the higher education landscape, contributing to the continuous improvement of public and private institutions operating in and outside the U.S. and invites collaborations with other agencies, associations, and organizations. In order to fulfill your request, please provide us with information about your organization and your request. NOTE: IF YOU ARE NOT REDIRECTED TO A THANK YOU PAGE AFTER YOU CLICK SUBMIT, SCROLL TO THIS SECTION TO CORRECT AN ERROR.
  • ^The MSCHE reserves the right to assign a staff member other than the one being requested.
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