Submit a Third-Party Comment

Third-Party Comments


  1. The Commission accepts third-party comments using this form.
  2. Third-party comments will be forwarded to the institution as part of another review process (Application, Evaluation, Follow Up, or Non-compliance).
  3. Substantive questions about third-party comments cannot be discussed over the phone.
  4. Third-party comments may be made anonymously. However, the commenter must identify themselves to the Commission, and despite the due diligence of the Commission, the institution may be able to identify the commenter’s identity.

If you have any questions regarding the third-party comments process or experience any problems with the submission, please contact

Submit a Third-Party Comment

Contact Information

Do you wish to remain anonymous to the institution?(Required)
If Yes, please note the commission will conduct due diligence to redact any personally identifiable information in the comment materials. The Commission has full discretion to perform any redactions that the Commission deems appropriate. Despite the Commission's due diligence, it is always possible that the institution may be able to identify the commenter's identity from the circumstance of the comment. The Commission is not liable if the commenter's identity is identified. The Commission may consider if the commenter's identity is necessary to process the commenter and provide due process to the institution. In such cases, the Commission will request and wait for authorization from the commenter to waive anonymity before taking further action. If the commenter will not waive anonymity, the Commission may be limited in the type of information that can be requested and the resolution that can be obtained from the institution. Any form of retaliation against a commenter is strictly prohibited. If you have questions about our procedures relating to anonymity please email before submitting the form.

Summary and Details

Must be a member, applicant, or candidate for accreditation with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)
Does this comment demonstrate non-compliance with Commission Standards, Requirements of Affiliation, policies or procedures, or non-compliance with the institution's own policies?(Required)
Drop files here or
Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 50 MB.
    Please include any relevant documentation to support your comment. Documentation is not required. However, if you choose to attach documents, all documentation must be submitted in English and in PDF format.


    I have read the relevant policies of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and agree that this form constitutes my third-party comment.(Required)
    I understand that despite the Commission's due diligence if I request to be anonymous from the institution, it is always possible that the institution may be able to identify the commenter's identity from the circumstances of the comment. The Commission is not liable if the commenters' identity is identified.(Required)
    I understand that the Commission may determine based on the documentation submitted that it is impossible to maintain my anonymity from the institution. Under these circumstances, I recognize the Commission will request my permission before sharing my identity. If I do not permit, I recognize my third-party comment cannot be processed(Required)
    I understand that the Commission considers the institutional response, if any, to be confidential and will not share that response with me.(Required)
    All of the information I have provided to the Commission is true and in good faith.(Required)
    I understand the Commission strictly prohibits any form of retaliation against commenters, even if the comment is not substantiated following the Commission's review.(Required)
    I understand that if my third-party comment is not submitted timely, MSCHE Staff will contact me to transition third-party comment into a Complaint and will request additional information.(Required)
    I understand that I will receive an automatic email notification at the time of the submission and MSCHE Staff will be in touch with the next steps in the third-party comments process. If you have any questions, please email
    Send me an email receipt of my responses.