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Information About the Accreditation Status of Technical Career Institutes, Inc.

On September 1, 2017, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education received notification that Technical Career Institutes, Inc. ceased operations and closed effective September 1, 2017. As a result, on September 6, 2017, the Executive Committee took the following action regarding Technical Career Institutes, Inc:

To note that accreditation has ceased for Technical Career Institutes, Inc., effective September 1, 2017, because the institution has closed, without prior approval, and requested that the Commission withdraw its accreditation while on show cause. To document receipt of the show cause report and teach-out plan. To require that the institution submit within five business days from the date of this action: (1) an updated, comprehensive teach-out plan with detailed and signed teach-out agreements, including but not limited to provisions for completing and issuing transcripts for any students wishing to transfer to another institution and appropriate arrangements for the permanent disposition of all student records currently held by the institution so that students and alumni will be able to obtain accurate and complete transcripts in the future; (2) proof of dissemination of this action letter to the TCI Community including all governing board members, students, full-time faculty and staff, and other faculty and staff members with significant roles; (3) notification to current and prospective students of the withdrawal of Middle States accreditation effective September 1, 2017; and (4) accurate information regarding the institution's accreditation status provided wherever the institution's web pages, publications, and announcements make reference to Middle States accreditation and in all other appropriate places and venues, such as wherever information is provided to students. To note that the Commission directed liaison guidance consultation occurred. To note that a small team visit will not be conducted at this time because the institution has closed while on show cause prior to the visit.


On November 16, 2017, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education acted as follows:

To acknowledge receipt of the teach-out plan and signed teach-out agreements identifying the following as teach-out institutions: Plaza College, Long Island Business Institute, Monroe College, Mildred Elley, New York Automotive and Diesel Institute, ASA College, The College of Westchester, and Metropolitan College of New York. To note that Metropolitan College of New York has been designated as the repository of TCI student records post 2008 and to note that, after repeated requests, the institution has failed to confirm the location of student records prior to 2008. To further note the Commission action of September 6, 2017 that accreditation for Technical Career Institutes, Inc. ceased effective September 1, 2017.

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