Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

The Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines shown below are in effect.

Title Document Action Effective Date
Third Party Providers Guidelines Guideline Download NA
Consideration of Actions Taken by Regional, National, and Specialized Accrediting Associations Policy Policy Statement Download 05/04/2012
Good Practice for Accrediting in Higher Education Policy Statement Download 10/30/2012
Investment Policy Statement Policy Statement Download 07/01/2021
Principles for Good Practices: Regional Accrediting Commissions Policy Statement Download 10/30/2012
Communication in the Accreditation Process Procedures Procedure Download 01/01/2021
Public Disclosures Procedures Procedure Download 01/01/2021
Dues and Fees Procedures 2021-22 Procedure Download 07/01/2021
Accreditation Actions Procedures Procedure Download 07/01/2020
Application and Candidacy Review Cycle and Monitoring Procedures Procedure Download 09/01/2020
Records Retention Schedule Procedure Download 09/01/2020
Accreditation Review Cycle and Monitoring Procedures Procedure Download 10/01/2020
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