Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

The Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines shown below are in effect.

Title Document Action Effective Date
Application and Candidacy Review Cycle and Monitoring Procedures Procedure Download 09/01/2020
Arbitration of Disputes Concerning Final Adverse Actions Procedures Procedure Download 07/01/2021
Athletic Programs Guideline Download 07/20/2012
Committee Meeting Guidelines Guideline Download 11/01/2003
Communication in the Accreditation Process Policy Accreditation Policy Download 09/01/2019
Communication in the Accreditation Process Procedures Procedure Download 01/01/2021
Complaints Against the Commission Accreditation Policy Download 11/01/2012
Complaints Involving Member and Candidate Institutions Accreditation Policy Download 08/03/2018
Complex Substantive Change Procedures Procedure Download 07/01/2020
Conflict of Interest Policy for Corporate Actions Administrative Policy Download NA
Conflict of Interest: Commission Employees Administrative Policy Download 06/02/2017
Conflict of Interest: Commission Representatives Accreditation Policy Download 06/02/2017
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