Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

The Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines shown below are in effect.

Title Document Category Effective Date
Evaluation Team Associates Guideline Commission 03/23/2006
Contracts by Accredited and Candidate Institutions for Education-related Services Accreditation Policy Institutional 08/01/2006
International Programs Offered by Accredited Institutions Accreditation Policy Institutional 04/20/2007
Related Entities Accreditation Policy Institutional 02/01/2010
Transfer Credit, Prior Learning, and Articulation Accreditation Policy Institutional 03/07/2011
Political Intervention in Education Accreditation Policy Institutional 03/01/2012
Consideration of Actions Taken by Regional, National, and Specialized Accrediting Associations Policy Policy Statement Commission 05/04/2012
Athletic Programs Guideline Institutional 07/20/2012
Government Agencies and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education Guideline Commission 07/20/2012
Principles for Good Practices: Regional Accrediting Commissions Policy Statement Commission 10/30/2012
Credit Hour Policy Accreditation Policy Institutional 10/30/2012
Good Practice for Accrediting in Higher Education Policy Statement Commission 10/30/2012
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