Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

The Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines shown below are in effect.

Title Document Action Effective Date
Conflict of Interest Policy for Corporate Actions Administrative Policy Download NA
Third Party Providers Guidelines Guideline Download NA
Committee Meeting Guidelines Guideline Download 11/01/2003
Evaluation Team Associates Guideline Download 03/23/2006
Contracts by Accredited and Candidate Institutions for Education-related Services Accreditation Policy Download 08/01/2006
International Programs Offered by Accredited Institutions Accreditation Policy Download 04/20/2007
Related Entities Accreditation Policy Download 02/01/2010
Transfer Credit, Prior Learning, and Articulation Accreditation Policy Download 03/07/2011
Political Intervention in Education Accreditation Policy Download 03/01/2012
Consideration of Actions Taken by Regional, National, and Specialized Accrediting Associations Policy Policy Statement Download 05/04/2012
Athletic Programs Guideline Download 07/20/2012
Government Agencies and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education Guideline Download 07/20/2012
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