June 21, 2018
Brookdale Community College
765 Newman Springs Road Lincroft, NJ 07738

Dear Dr. Stout:

On June 21, 2018, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education acted as follows:

To note the visit by the Commission’s representative and to affirm inclusion of the branch campus at Wall Higher Education Center, 800 Monmouth Blvd, Wall, NJ 07719 within the scope of the institution’s accreditation. To warn the institution that its accreditation may be in jeopardy because of insufficient evidence that the institution is currently in compliance with Standards II (Ethics and Integrity), and Standard V (Educational Effectiveness Assessment). To note that the institution remains accredited while on warning. To note further that federal regulations limit the period during which an institution may be in non-compliance to two years. To request a monitoring report due March 1, 2019 documenting evidence that the institution has achieved and can sustain ongoing compliance with Standards II and V, including but not limited to documenting evidence that the institution has (1) internal controls and processes to ensure ongoing consistent ethical behavior (Standard II) and (2) used assessment results for the improvement of educational effectiveness (Standard V). In addition, to request that the monitoring report also provide further evidence of steps taken to periodically assess the effectiveness of programs supporting the student experience (Standard IV). A small team visit will follow submission of the monitoring report. To direct a prompt liaison guidance visit to discuss Commission’s expectations. Upon reaffirmation of accreditation, the next evaluation visit is scheduled for 2026-2027.

This action now appears on the institution’s Statement of Accreditation Status (SAS). This serves as the institution’s official notification of that action. If any of the information contained within the action appears to be factually incorrect, please send an email within 30 calendar days of the action to support@msche.org.

This action is a non-compliance action and includes a request for a monitoring report and a visit. An explanation of this type of action is provided in the Commission's policy Accreditation Actions. For more information on submitting a follow-up report, please see Commission guidelines Follow-up Reports and Visits. The institution is obligated to make a full and honest disclosure in its reports.

This notification also serves as the Public Disclosure Statement (PDS), consistent with the Commission’s policy on Communication in the Accreditation Process, and it will be made publicly available on the Middle States Commission on Higher Education website in accordance with policy and federal regulation. The institution is also invited to submit an official statement in response to the above Commission action. Any statement must be sent to support@msche.org within 30 calendar days from the date of the action. Any statement received will be embedded within this notification and made available through it.

The following resources provide additional information that may be helpful to understanding the Commission’s actions and the institution’s accreditation status:

In accordance with policy and federal regulation, the Commission provides notification of decisions on non-compliance actions to the U.S. Secretary of Education, the appropriate state or other licensing or authorizing agency, and the appropriate accrediting agencies at the same time it notifies the institution, but no later than 30 days after it reaches the decision. The Commission provides notification of such decisions to the public through its website within 24 hours of informing the institution. Please ensure that the institution’s published references to its accreditation status align with Commission policy.

For questions about the Commission action, please contact the institution’s assigned Vice President staff liaison. Questions from the public about the institution’s accreditation status can be directed to communications@msche.org.


Gary L. Wirt, Ed.D.