American University of Puerto Rico Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

American University of Puerto Rico announced on May 1, 2023, that it will close.

American University of Puerto Rico (AUPR) has reported that it will close on December 31, 2023. The institution submitted the Substantive Change Request for Institutional Closure on May 3, 2023, and the request is currently under review by the Commission.

AUPR has provided additional information regarding closure on the AUPR website.


What are teach-out plans and teach-out agreements?

The Commission required AUPR to complete and submit for approval a comprehensive, implementable teach-out plan with signed teach-out agreements.

A teach-out plan is a written plan developed by the institution that provides for the equitable treatment of students to complete their education. The purpose of the teach-out plan is to make reasonable accommodations and assist students with completing educational programs or credentials or transferring to a new institution. The Commission requires a teach-out plan and teach-out agreements when an institution risks the loss of accreditation or intends to close. Teach-out agreements are specific agreements made by the institution with appropriate teach-out partner institutions. The purpose of the teach-out agreement is to make accommodations for and assist students as much as possible and provide clear and transparent information regarding those arrangements. They are intended to facilitate students’ transition to another institution so they can graduate in a program of their choosing. These agreements are to be negotiated between American University of Puerto Rico and other institutions with similar programs of study.

The Commission is currently reviewing teach-out agreements with the following institutions:

Ana G. Mendez University






Colegio Universitario de San Juan


Inter American University of Puerto Rico










San German


NUC University


Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico


Universidad Central de Bayamon


Universidad del Sagrado Corazon


Universidad Politecnica in Puerto Rico


University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo


University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon


Can students transfer to another institution?

The institution has announced its closure as of December 31, 2023. Current students can transfer at any time and to any institution, including those without a teach-out agreement. Students are entitled to receive clear, accurate, and thorough information from AUPR about their options to pursue other educational opportunities.

Students cannot be charged additional fees for exercising the option to transfer.

Where can students transfer?

Students can apply for transfer to any institution that meets their needs and where they may qualify for admission. Transfer opportunities are not limited to those institutions that have teach-out agreements with AUPR. Students can transfer at any time and to any institution.

What other things should students consider when transferring?

Students should look for an institution that is in good standing with accreditors. Students should always research the accreditation status of the institution they are considering for transfer. MSCHE posts accreditation status for its member institutions in the Institution Directory on our website.

Individual programs may also be accredited by a programmatic accreditor. Students are encouraged to contact both the institutional and programmatic accreditors of institutions and programs to verify the accreditation status of the institution they are considering.

Visit the MSCHE Student Resources page for additional information.

Can AUPR charge students additional fees if they withdraw or transfer?

No, AUPR cannot charge students additional fees for withdrawing or transferring.

Will all students receive a copy of their transcripts?

AUPR has reported that students can obtain transcripts between May and July 31, 2023, by visiting the University or using the University portal at From August 1 to December 31, 2023, transcripts will only be available through the portal at

On January 1, 2024, all academic records will be moved to the Records Administration Office of the Department of State of Puerto Rico. Any student who needs a transcript at that time will need to contact the Records Administration Office of the Department of State of Puerto Rico for a paper.

Students will be able to obtain transcripts through the Records Administration Office of the Department of State of Puerto Rico by visiting or calling the Royal Administration Building at (787) 722-2121 or (787) 722-2122, Ext. 3801.

Commission policy and procedure require the institution to provide a copy of transcripts to all current students. AUPR cannot withhold student transcripts.

What does the closure mean for students who expect to graduate by the closure date?

AUPR has announced that it will hold graduation in July 2023, as planned. Students who are within 15 credits of completing their respective programs of study are eligible to graduate in 2023, but need to contact AUPR for additional information regarding completing their programs.

Where can students find more information on AUPR’s website?

Students can locate additional information at

The American University of Puerto Rico has announced that a two-day university fair will be held at the Bayamón Campus and at the Manatí University Center in the morning until 12:00 p.m. on May 31 and June 1, 2023, to support current students’ efforts to transfer and provide information on financial aid, services, and student activities. It is recommended that students attend both days to view presentations from all universities in attendance. Free transportation will be provided.

Participating institutions include the following:

Ana G. Méndez University

Central University of Bayamón

ICPR Junior College

Inter-American University of Puerto Rico

NUC University

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

Pontifical Catholic University

San Juan University College

UPR – Bayamón Campus

UPR – Arecibo Campus

Universidad del Sagrado Corazón

In addition, orientations for night students will be held online on May 30 through June 1, 2023. The links will be sent directly to students.

Additional resources for students include:

United States Department of Education

Department of State of Puerto Rico – Records Administration Office

787-722-2121 or 787-722-2122, Ext. 3801

Office of Federal Student Aid

The above link can provide assistance if your college or career school closed while you were enrolled, or soon after you withdrew.

If your school misled you or engaged in other misconduct in violation of certain state laws, you may be eligible for “borrower defense to loan repayment,” sometimes shortened to “borrower defense.” This is the discharge of some or all of your federal student loan debt. Visit the link above for more information.

Student Athletes

How does American University of Puerto Rico’s closure affect student athletes and eligibility?

The eligibility of student athletes is determined by the policies of the Inter-university Athletic League (Liga Atlética Interuniversitaria de Puerto Rico or LAI).

Student athletes with questions should contact Manfredo Vega, Director of the AUPR Athletic Department, or the coach of the university to which the student intends to transfer. Students can also access additional information in Chapter IX of the LAI Regulations that you can access at

Faculty and Staff

What is American University of Puerto Rico doing to support faculty and staff?

American University of Puerto Rico plans to hold job fairs, make available Human Resource records, and provide letters of reference to support faculty and staff.

Institutions Interested in Teach-Out Agreements with American University of Puerto Rico

What do other institutions with questions about teach-out agreements need to know?

Teach-Out Plans and Agreement(s) Policy and Procedures Section IV. Procedures for the Submission of Teach-Out Agreements of the Procedures outlines the purpose of teach-out agreements, what the agreements should include, and the conditions that a teach-out partner must meet. The responsibility to develop teach-out agreements rests with AUPR which is required to submit a teach-out plan and agreement(s), and MSCHE does not develop the agreements. Teach-out plans and agreements must be approved by MSCHE.

A teach-out agreement should include a comprehensive description of the arrangements being made for students between the two institutions, including at least the following critical information:

  • Information on the number and types of credits that will be accepted by the teach-out institution.
  • Information on the specific locations where instruction will be offered by the teach-out institution.
  • Any additional financial charges or changes in tuition and fees.
  • A description of the relevant educational program to ensure that it is comparable in quality and reasonably similar in content, delivery modality, and scheduling.
  • Any institutional policy or curriculum exceptions for the benefit of the students.

Can institutions without an approved teach-out agreement accept students who wish to transfer from AUPR?

Yes, any institution can consider transfer students from AUPR. Institutions without an approved teach-out agreement can accept students who wish to transfer from AUPR. If any exceptions to institutions’ policies or procedures are made to facilitate the award of transfer credit and academic progress for students, including but not limited to admissions, transfer of credit, or residency requirements, the exceptions and conditions under which the exception was applied must be justified and documented and must continue to comply with applicable law.

Can institutions receiving AUPR students make exceptions to transfer policies or required residency policies to assist students?

Some institutions do include exceptions to transfer policies or required residency policies in the teach-out agreements; however, institutions must document under what circumstances an exception was made and the conditions that must be met for the exception to be applied. Without a teach-out agreement, institutions making exceptions to accommodate AUPR students who transfer must also document exceptions.

Transfer Credit, Prior Learning, and Articulation Agreements Policy and Procedures requires institutions to seek to minimize the loss of credit for students wherever possible. Institutions should strive for appropriate balance among consistency, fairness, flexibility, good educational practice, and academic program integrity.

In addition, institutions must always remain mindful of state requirements and regulations and, in matters governed by state regulations, comply with state law or obtain an exception from the appropriate state agency. The institution must also comply with the requirements for programmatic accreditors.

Can institutions enter into a teach-out agreement that includes a program not currently offered?

The partner institution must have the appropriate state authority and the capacity to offer a program. Institutions are responsible for ensuring appropriate program approval and registration. Institutional representatives should outreach to their state licensing agency to ensure any requirements relating to programs delivered in the state are met. Institutions must be mindful of programmatic accreditor requirements and should consult with the programmatic accreditor to ensure that their requirements are met.

Can institutions make exceptions to some degree and/or general education requirements?

Partner institutions should do a program-to-program articulation, which includes an analysis of how student learning outcomes for courses in one institution are equivalent to outcomes for courses in the other institution. Institutions must determine degree requirements and any substitutions based on institutional policies and procedures. If exceptions are made, those should be documented and justified.

Additional Resources

United States Department of Education

Office of Federal Student Aid

Puerto Rico Board of Post-Secondary Institutions

Department of State of Puerto Rico – Records Administration Office

787-722-2121 or 787-722-2122, Ext. 3801

Inter-university Athletic League (Liga Atlética Interuniversitaria de Puerto Rico or LAI)

Reglamento General Liga Atlética Interuniversitaria de Puerto Rico (LAI)

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