Statement of Accreditation Status

Princeton Theological Seminary

  • CEO: Dr. M. Craig Barnes, President
  • Accreditation Liaison Officer: Dr. Shawn Oliver
  • Commission Staff Liaison: Dr. Robert Bonfiglio, Vice President
  • Carnegie Classification: Special Focus Four-Year: Faith-Related Institutions » Exclusively graduate/professional
  • Control: Private (Non-Profit)
  • Phase: Accredited
  • Status: Accreditation Reaffirmed
  • Accreditation Granted: 1968
  • Last Reaffirmation: 2020
  • Next Self-Study Evaluation: 2027-2028
  • Next Mid-Point Peer Review: 2024

Contact Information

P. O. Box 821 64 Mercer Street
Princeton, NJ 08542-0803

(609) 921-8300

  • The following represents the MSCHE accreditation actions taken in the last ten (10) years.
  • April 16, 2020
    To acknowledge receipt of formal written notice from the institution in response to the Commission’s request of March 9, 2020. To temporarily waive Substantive Change Policy and Procedures and allow the use of distance education to accommodate students impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) interruptions, in accordance with United States Department of Education (USDE) guidelines published March 5, 2020. Continued use of distance education beyond the limitations of USDE guidelines will require substantive change approval in accordance with Substantive Change Policy and Procedures. This flexibility is not available for clock-hour courses that lead to licensure if the licensing body will not accept distance learning courses or hours or give credit for them toward the number of hours a student must complete. The next evaluation visit is scheduled for 2027-2028.
  • March 5, 2020
    To acknowledge receipt of the self-study report. To note the visit by the Commission’s representatives. To reaffirm accreditation. The next evaluation visit is scheduled for 2027-2028.
  • November 19, 2015
    To accept the Periodic Review Report, to reaffirm accreditation, and to commend the institution for the quality of the Periodic Review Report. The next evaluation visit is scheduled for 2019-2020.
  • June 28, 2012
    To accept the monitoring report. The Periodic Review Report is due June 1, 2015.
  • November 18, 2010
    To reaffirm accreditation and to remove the warning. To accept the monitoring report and to note the visit by the Commission's representatives. To request a monitoring report due March 1, 2012, documenting (1) further progress in strengthening shared governance, including improved collaboration and clarification of roles and responsibilities in shared governance, policy development, and decision making (Standard 4); (2) evidence of implementation and use of an ongoing process of assessment of the governing body (Standard 4); and (3) further progress in the implementation of an organized and sustained assessment process to evaluate and improve student learning, including evidence that assessment results are used to improve teaching and learning (Standard 14). A visit may follow submission of the report. The Periodic Review Report is now due by June 1, 2015.
  • Distance Education
    Not approved for this delivery method
  • Correspondence Education
    Not approved for this delivery method

Approved Credential Levels

The following represents credential levels included in the scope of the institution’s accreditation:

  • Master's Degree or Equivalent
  • Post-Master's Certificate
  • Doctor's Degree- Research/Scholarship

The following are links to sites that are not maintained by the MSCHE. These are provided as additional external resources about each institution that the MSCHE accredits.