Mid-Point Peer Review FAQ

What is the Mid-Point Peer Review?
The Mid-Point Peer Review, or MPPR, is a peer review of the accumulated financial data, student achievement data and responses to Commission recommendations (if requested) submitted by institutions through a series of Annual Institutional Updates. See Annual Institutional Update (AIU) for more information.

What will be reviewed?
The Peer Evaluators will look at the AIU data and any additional information the institution has submitted with that data, and they will look for any trends the data might reveal. They will also review the institution’s responses to Commission recommendations to confirm that appropriate progress is being made.

What are the intended outcomes?
The MPPR allows the Commission to confirm that the data do not raise concerns about the institution’s ability to continue to meet the expectations of the Commission’s standards and requirements of affiliation. Review of institutional responses to any Commission recommendations confirms that the institution is making progress in addressing those recommendations. In both cases the Peer Evaluators will indicate that there appear to be no concerns/appropriate progress has been made on the recommendations; or that there are concerns that merit institutional attention and annual updating in conjunction with the AIU; or that there appear to be serious concerns that merit further attention by the Commission.

The MPPR is not a comprehensive evaluation and will not result in reaffirmation of accreditation. The purposes of the review are to provide useful feedback to the institution about its data and any recommendation responses, and, if necessary, to request further information on specific areas or issues.

When will my institution have its MPPR?
The MPPR will be conducted halfway between Self-Study Evaluations. If an institution is not on an eight-year cycle, its MPPR will be conducted four years prior to its next self-study, the date of which is indicated in the institution’s Statement of Accreditation Status (SAS) on the Commission’s website.

How best to prepare for the MPPR?
Since the MPPR is an off-site review of iterative AIU submissions, the institution does not need to provide any additional materials for the MPPR beyond the AIU submissions. The institution will, however, have an opportunity to submit a formal institutional response to the feedback provided to it by the evaluators.

How will Peer Evaluators be trained?
They will be trained by Middle States, and they will be provided with guidance about the criteria to be used for the review. Multiple Peer Evaluators will review each institution. Those reviewing data will understand the uses and limits of institution-level data, and how it relates to the Commission’s standards and requirements. Those reviewing responses to recommendations will understand institutional improvement efforts grounded in both the standards and institutional mission and priorities.

Will we know what the Peer Evaluators conclude?
Yes. The Peer Evaluators’ findings will be available to the institution so that institutional representatives can prepare a formal written institutional response to them.

What will the Commission do as a result of the MPPR?
Because the purpose of the MPPR is to confirm that the institution appears to be “healthy” and to be responding appropriately to any recommendations for improvement it received from the Commission, the Commission actions resulting from it will be to note that no concerns were raised by the review; or to request institutional updates in conjunction with the AIU; or to request a focused report on specific issues, which will be followed by a focused team visit. As always, the Commission action will be communicated to the institution soon after the meeting at which it is taken.

Will there be additional information prior to the MPPR?
Yes. This FAQ will be regularly updated as we receive and review questions from institutions. Institutions will be informed that they are approaching the review and reminded that they do not need to do anything beyond submitting their AIU in the usual manner. They will be provided with information about preparing and submitting the formal written institutional response to their evaluators’ feedback.

Where do I go if I have questions about the MPPR?
Questions about the MPPR can be sent to MPPR@msche.org.

Updated August 7, 2018