How to Submit Recommendation Responses in the AIU

An institution which has received a request for a recommendation response from the Commission via the AIU will update the Commission on its activities related to that recommendation in conjunction with each Annual Institutional Update until its next Mid-Point Peer Review or Self-Study Evaluation, whichever comes first (Accreditation Review Cycle and Monitoring Policy and Procedures).

The Commission action language will specifically state, “To request that, beginning in [year] and in conjunction with each Annual Institutional Update prior to the Mid-Point Peer Review (or Self-Study), the institution provide further evidence of [identified Standards].” The action stipulates when the first update should be submitted and the topics it should cover.  Only recommendations issued by the Commission using the language above should be reported on at the time of the AIU.

Guidelines for Submission

The update should consist of 1-3 paragraphs for each Commission recommendation referenced in the action (1000 words/6000 characters maximum including spaces).

It should address:

  • Actions the institution has taken or plans to take related to the identified Standard(s) and/or
  • Outcomes of any actions taken related to the identified Standard(s)

The response may focus on accomplishments and outcomes, action plans, benchmarks, assessment results and/or data trends.

The annual submissions are intended to be iterative.

It is not possible to upload evidence or hyperlinks with the submission of the recommendation responses. It is the responsibility of the institution to provide all necessary evidence during the next Self-Study Evaluation to verify progress toward addressing the Commission’s concerns in the specified period. If you have questions about submitting recommendation responses, please contact your MSCHE Vice President liaison.

(Updated February 26, 2020)