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Technical Amendment to Travel Procedures and Teach-out Plans Documents Announced

The Commission made technical amendments to the Travel Procedures effective October 1, 2021, and to several documents related to Teach-Out Plans. The Teach-Out Plans and Agreements Procedures were effective September 1, 2021, and the Teach-Out Plans and Agreements Form and Teach-Out Plans and Agreements Review Report were updated effective October 1, 2021.   Upon the effective date, the documents are available on the Browse Policies and Procedures page and can be found using the…


Revised Policies Cover Teach-Out Plans and Record Retention

These newly revised policies and accompanying procedures were effective September 1, 2020. The documents can currently be found in the Browse Policies and Procedures section of the MSCHE website. Teach-Out Plans and Agreements Policy and Procedures: The policy and procedures underwent a technical amendment…


New Travel, Teach-Out Plans and Agreements Policies and Procedures Approved

As part of the Commission’s project to revise all current policies to clearly separate policy from procedure, new versions have been approved for Travel Policy and Procedures and Teach-Out Plans and Agreements Policy and Procedures. The below policies and procedures will become effective Jan. 1,…

Displaying 1-10 of 62