Middle States Commission on Higher Education


Staff Home

The Staff Home page is the home page for MSCHE staff members. There are three menu option links available at this page: Release One, Evaluator Data Forms and Administration.

Menu Options and Other Objects

  • Release One: Navigates to the Release One Home page.
  • Evaluator Data Forms:  Menu options related to EDF's contained in the Evaluator Data Form database.
    • Review EDF's: Navigates to the Evaluator Data Form Search page.
    • Review Potential Evaluators: Navigates to the Potential Evaluator Search page.
  • Administration: Menu options related to the administration of the MYCHE application and the MSCHE website.
    • Documents: Navigates to the Documents maintenance page.
    • Mailer Tool: Navigates to the Mailer Tool search page.
    • Newsletters: Navigates to the Newsletters search page.
    • Newsletter Subscribers: Navigates to the Newsletter Subscribers search page.
    • Publications: Navigates to the Publications search page.
    • Publication Types: Navigates to the Publications Types search page.
    • Site Manager: Navigates to the Site Manager search page.
    • Users: Navigates to the MYCHE Users search page.
    • Roles: Navigates to the MYCHE Security Roles search page.
  • Help: Displays the Help page content for the Staff Home page.


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