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Commission Nomination

The Commission has created a new, online form for the nomination of individuals to the Commission. The following are the steps necessary to complete and submit your nomination form. You may submit more than one nomination if you so desire.

  1. Please disable all popup blockers and enable JavaScript in your Internet browser.
  2. Note that fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory.
  3. To complete the Nomination form please do the following:
  • Complete all fields on the form marked with a red asterisk (*). The fields will automatically be completed if you click on the checkbox to nominate yourself.
  • Click on the "Browse" button to select a file containing your nominee's resume. The file will be uploaded to the MSCHE server when you submit your nomination.
  • The "Other Qualifications" field will allow you to specify additional information as to why you feel this individual would make a good Commissioner.
  • Click on the "Submit Ballot" button to submit your completed nomination form and attached resume to the MSCHE. You will receive an Alert message if you did not complete all of the required fields. You will receive an email acknowledging that your nomination has been successfully submitted. The individual that you nominated will also receive an email stating that a colleague has nominated him/her to the Commission. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the email.

For technical assistance, contact us at support@msche.org.