Middle States Commission on Higher Education


Annual Institutional Update (AIU)

Summary Data from Prior Institutional Profiles

Region-wide aggregate data, based on institutional responses to prior Institutional Profiles, include such topics as:

* Institutions, by Control (i.e., public v. private), Type (2002 Carnegie system), and Accreditation Status (accredited v. candidates)

* Enrollment, by Institutional Control and Type
* Credit/Non-credit Enrollment, by Institutional Control and Type

* Faculty, by Tenure Track, Full-time/Part-time Status, and Institutional Control and Type

* Distance Learning Courses and Programs, by Institutional Type
* Distance Learning Enrollment, by Institutional Type

Data summaries are available for the following academic years:

2008-09 As of 8/10/09 (pdf)

As of 8/11/08 (pdf)

2006-07 Revised 11/5/07 (pdf)

2005-06 Revised 11/5/07 (pdf)

2004-05 (pdf)

2002-03 (pdf)

2001-02 (pdf)

2000-01 (pdf)