Middle States Commission on Higher Education


Frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds of Information Does the Commission Provide about Institutions?

Basic information about each institution is available in the Directory of Members and Candidates. A list of accreditation actions taken by the Commission at its most recent meeting may be found via a hyperlink in the MSCHE newsletter. The Commission also provides a "Statement of Accreditation Status" (SAS) for each institution, which is available under the Institutions button of this website. The SAS includes such information as: the date of next scheduled review; the date of and reasons for the most recent Commission action, including any steps the institution is required to take as follow-up to peer evaluation; if an institution has chosen to appeal a decision by the Commission, the date of and reasons for the appeal; and the date of any withdrawal of accreditation and the reasons for this action.

More detailed information about the most recent accreditation review may be found in the institution's self-study and the evaluation team report. Individuals wishing to have access to these documents should contact the institution directly; the Commission itself does not release the self-study and team report.

Individuals who seek information about internal matters at a college or university, such as personnel issues, are encouraged to contact the institution itself. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education will not respond to concerns that are not clearly related to the Commission's standards.