Middle States Commission on Higher Education


Frequently Asked Questions

How Often is a College or University Evaluated?

Colleges and universities in the Middle States region normally are evaluated every five years, but Commission staff members also monitor each institution in the interim to determine if special circumstances require more frequent evaluations.

The most comprehensive evaluation is based upon a report that the institution prepares about itself, called a self-study report. This evaluation always includes a visit by a team of evaluators who report to the Commission. It occurs immediately before a candidate institution is granted initial accreditation, five years after that initial accreditation, and every 10 years thereafter.

Five years after receiving initial accreditation, and five years after each subsequent decennial comprehensive evaluation, there is an interim evaluation that is based upon a Periodic Review Report (PRR). The PRR is a restrospective, current, and prospective analysis of an institution since its last evaluation. It includes a description of how the institution responded to any recommendations made by the institution in its own self-study report, by the visiting team that evaluated the institution, and by the Commission.

For a full description of the evaluation cycle, see the policy statement Cycle and Timing of Accreditation Review.

Evaluation Schedule - For a list of institutions that will be visited by evaluation teams in the next three academic years, go to Institutions Scheduled for Next Review.