USDE Staff Analyst Report, Agenda, and NACIQI Readers Released for MSCHE’s USDE Recognition

As part of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education’s (MSCHE) continuing advocacy efforts to keep you updated regarding our Accreditor Federal Recognition Process for the United States Department of Education (USDE), we are pleased to provide you with our USDE staff analyst final report which can be found at under the Meetings Tab > Archive of Meetings > click link at the top to Final staff reports and decision letters. Additionally, you will find the materials and the reports for all other agencies appearing at the meeting. 

While one issue was identified as remaining for MSCHE, we are confident that we are able to address it prior to our appearance. 

MSCHE is scheduled to appear in the afternoon ofFebruary 28, 2023. Please find the most recent meeting agenda at 

At the meeting, NACIQI members Dr. Arthur E. Keiser, NACIQI Chairperson and Chancellor of Keiser University and Chairman of the Board of Southeastern College, as well as Dr. Zakiya Smith Ellis, Principal at Education Counsel, will serve as the primary readers during our review. You can learn more about them as well as the other members on NACIQI at 

As a reminder, you can join the meeting virtually as well as register to provide public oral comment as described in the Federal Register. 

Attend the Meeting Virtually  

To observe the appearance of the Commission, you can register through the link provided in the Federal Register at 

Make a Public Oral Comment  

The Commission has encouraged our member institutions, students, and the public to better understand the recognition process and consider providing public comments when opportunities to do so become available. This is another opportunity to engage in this process as you can register to make public oral comments during our Commission’s appearance. 

You can find the instructions to register to provide public oral commentsin the Federal Register. Deadlines to do so are also indicated there. 

For more information about the MSCHE’s USDE Recognition, please visit