MSCHE Recognizes Staff Milestones

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) recognized the service of staff who have been with the Commission for at least or more than 30, 25, 10, and five years.

Of the staff recognized, three were recognized for 25 years of service or more: Ms. Carmella Smith (30 years), Mr. Fran Murray (30 years), and Mr. Tze Joe (25 years). MSCHE President Dr. Heather F. Perfetti highlighted their service during the December 2022 recognition reception.

Davie Gilmour, Carmella Smith, and Heather Perfetti

Chair Dr. Davie Gilmour, Ms. Carmella Smith, and President Dr. Heather F. Perfetti | Photo ©2022 Dan Z. Johnson

Dr. Perfetti recognized Ms. Smith as the longest serving member of the staff, stating that “Carmella has served in a variety of leadership roles and has now risen into the Vice President position. She did so with grace and grit, knowing the challenges of the position and ready to take on changes. With every challenge, Carmella smiles, rises to the challenge, and keeps the work we all do afloat.” Dr. Perfetti concluded with the sentiment that “Everyone knows we can count on Carmella for the work, but more importantly Carmella is a caring colleague whose friendship we get to feel every day.”

Fran Murray

Mr. Fran Murray

In recognizing Mr. Murray’s service, Dr. Perfetti shared, “Fran remains one of the unsung heroes of our organization. With a great sense of dedication, Fran has supported the work of accreditation throughout his tenure with the Commission. Without fail he is usually among the first to ask, ‘how can I help?’ Like the others within the finance area, Fran has an appreciation for details, and he takes pride in his work and how he is a critical member to our work.” Dr. Perfetti acknowledged Fran “for all of the ways he has made us all better over the years.”


Davie Gilmour, Tze Joe, and Heather Perfetti

Chair Dr. Davie Gilmour, Mr. Tze Joe, and President Dr. Heather F. Perfetti | Photo ©2022 Dan Z. Johnson

“Tze is one of the individuals who helps the Commission with technology challenges. The entire staff recognizes Tze as one of our ‘go-to’ staff when technical support is needed,” stated Dr. Perfetti. “Tze has a unique sense of humor that we all adore, and beneath is an individual who genuinely cares about those with whom he works.” Dr. Perfetti thanked Tze for “for being a kind colleague to all of us.”

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Amy Moseder, Carmen Scott, Davie Gilmour, Diana Bonner, Sean McKitrick, Wendy DeJesus, Heather Perfetti, Kathy Ortiz

Dr. Amy Moseder, Ms. Carmen Scott, Chair Dr. Davie Gilmour, Ms. Diana Bonner, Dr. Sean McKitrick, Ms. Wendy DeJesus, President Dr. Heather F. Perfetti, and Ms. Kathy Ortiz | Photo ©2022 Dan Z. Johnson

10 Year Service Milestone

Ms. Diana Bonner

Ms. Wendy DeJesus

Dr. Sean McKitrick

Dr. Amy Moseder

Ms. Kathy Ortiz

Ms. Carmen Scott


Brian Kirschner, Stephen Pugliese, Tray Patterson, Davie Gilmour, Idna Corbett, Christian Slater, Heather Perfetti, Kushnood Haq

Mr. Brian Kirschner, Dr. Stephen Pugliese, Ms. Tray Patterson, Chair Dr. Davie Gilmour, Dr. Idna Corbett, Mr. Christian Slater, President Dr. Heather F. Perfetti, and Dr. Kushnood Haq | Photo ©2022 Dan Z. Johnson

Five Year Service Milestone

Dr. Idna Corbett

Dr. Kushnood Haq

Mr. Brian Kirschner

Ms. Tray Patterson

Dr. Heather Perfetti

Dr. Stephen Pugliese

Mr. Christian Slater