MSCHE Policy Call for Comments

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education invites member and public comments on the following:

  • Credit Hour Policy and Procedures
  • Transfer of Credit, Prior Learning, and Articulation Agreements Policy, Procedures, and Guidelines

An email was distributed to the key contacts of member institutions on January 21, 2022 containing links to the documents. A cover memorandum and the accompanying procedural documents are included along with the policy to provide context and facilitate understanding of the policy and its implementation. The documents are available on the Policies Under Review page of the MSCHE website.

Comments must be submitted through this link:

All feedback, no matter how brief, is welcome. Comments are most helpful when they refer to specific paragraphs in the policy, include the reasons for the comments, and offer specific recommendations. The Commission is seeking widespread feedback, therefore, comments may be submitted by any individual and an individual may submit more than one comment.

Comments are due by February 4, 2022.

All comments received will be considered and the document will be further revised as appropriate for review and approval by the Commission at its March 2022 meeting. The approved policy and procedures will become effective April 1, 2022.