Dr. Christy Faison Retires from MSCHE

Dr. Christy L. Faison, MSCHE Senior Vice President for Accreditation Relations

Dr. Christy L. Faison, MSCHE Senior Vice President for Accreditation Relations

Senior Vice President for Accreditation Relations Dr. Christy L. Faison has retired from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) closing a chapter on her almost 43-year distinguished career dedicated to education at all levels.

“We are a better team, and I am a better leader because of Christy,” said MSCHE President Dr. Heather Perfetti, who also noted she will miss Dr. Faison’s sense of humor. “And right up until she left the Commission, she was working hard to make sure we were well positioned and well prepared to take all of the amazing work that she’s done and continue to advance that on behalf of the Commission.”

Dr. Faison joined the Commission as a Vice President for Institutional Field Relations in January 2012. She came to the Commission after 25 years at Rowan University (NJ) where she served in a variety of roles, including Professor of Education, Assistant Dean of Education, Associate Dean of Education, Associate Provost, Interim Provost, and Special Assistant to the President. Before that she spent seven years as a public school teacher.

Dr. Faison steadily advanced in leadership roles at the Commission becoming Managing Vice President in July 2018. She was elevated to Senior Vice President for Accreditation Relations in January 2019 where she provided oversight for the Accreditation Services and Vice Presidents units and served as a member of the MSCHE President’s Cabinet.

“My level of appreciation and respect for Christy and her work could not be higher,” said MSCHE Commissioner Dr. David Rehm.  “She has helped guide so many of us over the past several years, and I have always been inspired by the example she sets.”

Dr. Faison is a former member of the Board of Examiners for the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, and a former member of the Boards of Directors for the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the South Jersey Technology Park. Most recently, she had joined the advisory board for SUNY Empire State College’s Credential As You Go initiative aiming to expand upon existing certificates, undergraduate degrees, and graduate degrees to empower more people to earn high-quality postsecondary credentials as they continue to learn throughout their lives and careers.

“I have had the opportunity to serve under many senior ranking officers who are at the pinnacle of their careers, demonstrate impeccable leadership qualities, and responsible for thousands of soldiers and civilians. Christy is easily at the same level as these officers,” said MSCHE Commissioner COL(R) Gerald C. Kobylski.

Reflecting on time at MSCHE, Dr. Faison noted that this was her retirement job.

“This is actually my second retirement. I retired from Rowan University in 2011 after 25 years there and a previous seven years as a public school teacher. But this was the best experience ever,” said Dr. Faison. “I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t say how much I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Commission. I will miss you all, as friends and, as colleagues.”