Technical Amendment to Travel Procedures and Teach-out Plans Documents Announced

The Commission made technical amendments to the Travel Procedures effective October 1, 2021, and to several documents related to Teach-Out Plans. The Teach-Out Plans and Agreements Procedures were effective September 1, 2021, and the Teach-Out Plans and Agreements Form and Teach-Out Plans and Agreements Review Report were updated effective October 1, 2021.  

Upon the effective date, the documents are available on the Browse Policies and Procedures page and can be found using the search filter. 

The Travel Procedures were updated to provide clarifications about what is covered under the Commission’s insurance policy. Individuals using a vehicle rental service must indicate “Mid-Atlantic Region Commission on Higher Education” on the contract to be covered under the Commission’s insurance policy. Minor changes were made to language related to travel advisories and warnings which might impact accreditation visits. Formatting corrections were made.   

The Teach-Out Plans and Agreements Procedures were updated to provide clarification about the “anticipated date of closure.” The Commission ultimately has the discretion to set the date that accreditation will cease, and the teach-out period should align with the institution’s ability and authority to continue operating. The Commission may allow an institution to remain accredited for one semester beyond the point that instruction ceases in order to assist students with degree completion at the Commission’s discretion.  

The Teach-Out Plans and Agreements Form and the Teach-Out Plans and Agreements Review Report were updated to re-organize content so that questions in the first section apply to all teach-outs, including the “contingency” teach-out plans that are required for candidate institutions. These changes are aimed at making the form easier to complete.