New or Revised Policies, Procedures, and Statements Effective July 1, 2021

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education approved several new or revised policies, procedures, and statements at its June 24, 2021, Commission meeting. Upon the effective date, the documents are available on the Browse Policies and Procedures page and can be found using the search filter.

Revised: Appeals from Adverse Actions Procedures effective July 1, 2021

The Appeals Procedures were revised to correct some conflicts in sequence and chronology. These revised procedures also add clarification to the procedures for dismissing an appeal, designating the record, and providing any new financial information as permitted by federal regulation.

New: Arbitration of Disputes Concerning Final Adverse Actions Procedures effective July 1, 2021

The United States Department of Education’s (USDE) regulations governing institutions of higher education (34 CFR § 600.4(c)) provide that the United States Secretary of Education does not recognize the accreditation of an institution unless the institution agrees to submit any dispute involving a final adverse action (denial or withdraw of candidate for accreditation status or accreditation) to arbitration prior to any other legal action. These procedures were established to provide for the fair and expeditious arbitration of certain disputes concerning final adverse actions taken by the Commission.

New: Investment Policy, Investment Procedures, and Investment Policy Statement, effective July 1, 2021

The new Investment Policy and Procedures, and Investment Policy Statement (IPS) guide the work of an external investment manager to clearly establish the Commission’s expectations for the handling and managing of investments.