As a Signer, MSCHE Supports Call for Federal Relief Funding for Students and Institutions

In a letter to Congressional leadership, the American Council on Education (ACE) and more than 100 higher education associations, including the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, has lobbied for at least $120 billion in ”needed support to students and campuses across the country.”

ACE President Ted Mitchell writing on behalf of the organizations, wrote that “since the onset of the pandemic in March, colleges and universities across the country have made herculean efforts to quickly adapt so that we can educate our students safely, conduct critical research, protect our workforces and support our communities. These efforts have been consistently hampered by the shifting public health situation and, most importantly, by a significant decline in the resources available to institutions coupled with the massive new expenses campuses are incurring.”

He noted that it is too soon to have details surrounding the losses and new expenses but “in almost all areas, the impact is worse than anticipated.”

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