MSCHE Promotes Staff and Realigns Reporting Structure

As the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) prepares for a presidential transition on July 1, 2020, a number of staff promotions and reporting realignments became effective on Jan. 1, 2020.

President’s Office

Dr. Stephen PuglieseDr. Stephen J. Pugliese, who was Lead Vice President in Accreditation Relations since July 2019, was promoted to Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff. In this role, he focuses on assisting the President in managing Commission and personnel-related matters as well as other high-level projects that include strategic and operational planning, risk management, training and workshops, and human resource management. Dr. Pugliese reports directly to President Dr. Elizabeth H. Sibolski and President-Elect Dr. Heather F. Perfetti. Dr. Pugliese joined MSCHE in mid-2017 as Vice President following his tenure at Mount Aloysius College in Cresson, PA, where he served as Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Dr. Amy MosederDr. Amy Moseder was promoted to Vice President for Policy and Senior Policy Analyst, adding a Vice President title to reflect additional responsibilities relating to accreditation activities, risk management, engagement with legal counsel, and the management of legal issues. Dr. Moseder, who joined MSCHE in December 2011, continues to research policy matters and provide the Commission with information and analyses necessary to shape accreditation policy development. She reports to Dr. Pugliese.

Ms. Gabriela DavieIn addition, Ms. Gabriela Davie, Director for Volunteer Training and Development, will move from the Operations Unit to the President’s Office and report to Dr. Pugliese. Ms. Davie joined the MSCHE staff in September 2018 and is responsible for managing the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of the Commission’s training plan to support the Strategic Plan, the Commission, evaluators, and member needs.

Mr. Brian KirschnerMr. Brian Kirschner was promoted to Senior Director for Communications and Public Relations and will move from the Operations Unit to the President’s Office. Mr. Kirschner joined MSCHE in April 2018 as Director for Communications and Public Relations following almost 12 years at University of the Sciences as Director of Communications. Mr. Kirschner continues to work closely with MSCHE senior leadership and the Commission to oversee internal and external communications tactics and strategies and reports directly to Dr. Perfetti and Dr. Sibolski.

Ms. Kathie JefferiesMs. Kathie Jeffries moves from the Operations Unit to the President’s Office and was promoted to Interim Vice President for Finance, reporting to Dr. Perfetti and Dr. Sibolski. Ms. Jeffries joined MSCHE as Senior Financial Analyst in July 2009 and had served as Controller since January 2016. She provides financial reporting, review, and analysis for MSCHE and will contribute to strategic planning and resource allocation to support the future initiatives of the Commission. Staff Accountant Mr. Fran Murray and Executive Assistant Ms. Wendy DeJesus now report directly to Ms. Jeffries.


Dr. W. Allen RichmanDr. W. Allen Richman was promoted to Vice President and Chief Information Officer adding a Vice President title. Dr. Richman, who joined the MSCHE staff as Senior Director for Research in January 2017, remains responsible for facilitating the design, acquisition, implementation, assessment, and continuous improvement of the Commission’s information technology hardware and software infrastructure through the Commission’s Information Systems Unit, and Dr. Richman continues to lead the Research Unit. He reports to Senior Vice President for Operations Dr. Andrea A. Lex.

Accreditation Relations

Dr. Ellie A. FogartyDr. Ellie A. Fogarty, who joined MSCHE as a Vice President in January 2010, was promoted to Lead Vice President. In this role, she continues to serve as a liaison to member institutions, assists with training provided to institutions and evaluators, and supports the team of vice presidents and the accreditation processes of the Commission. Dr. Fogerty continues to report to Senior Vice President for Accreditation Relations Dr. Christy L. Faison.