MSCHE Requires Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security to Show Cause

At its meeting on Sept. 19, 2019, the Executive Committee of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) acted to require Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security to show cause by Oct. 4, 2019, as to why their accreditation should not be withdrawn. The institution is required to present its case for continued accreditation by means of a show cause report documenting evidence that the institution has achieved and can sustain ongoing compliance with Commission’s Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation and policies.

In particular, the institution must demonstrate compliance with Requirements of Affiliation 12 and 14, Standard II (Ethics and Integrity) and Standard VII (Governance, Leadership, and Administration). The institution remains accredited while on show cause. It should further be noted that federal regulations limit the period during which an institution may be in non-compliance to two years.

The show cause action also requires Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security to complete and submit for approval, no later than Oct. 4, 2019, a comprehensive, implementable teach-out plan describing how, if the Commission withdraws accreditation, there is an equitable treatment of students to complete their education and include any teach-out agreements that the institution has entered into or intends to enter into with another institution.

The Commission will direct a prompt Commission liaison guidance visit to discuss the Commission’s expectations.

Following submission of the report there will be an on-site show cause visit. The purpose of the on-site show cause visit is to verify the information provided in the show cause report and the institution’s ongoing and sustainable compliance with the Commission’s standards, requirements, policies and procedures, and federal compliance requirements.

The institution will also be invited to appear before the Commission when it meets to consider the institution’s show cause report, which is expected in November.

The full text of the Commission’s Sept. 19, 2019, actions can be found on the institution’s directory listing here.

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