CHEA Accepts MSCHE Interim Report

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has learned that its 2019 Interim Report to the Council for Higher Education (CHEA) was accepted by CHEA’s Committee on Recognition at its June 3-4, 2019, meeting. No further reporting is required at this time.

“Continued acknowledgment of good standing by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) is an important recognition for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education,” said Dr. Elizabeth H. Sibolski, MSCHE president. “Peer review is embraced by the Commission in our accreditation work, so it is only fitting that peer review of the Commission itself would be welcomed. The Interim Report tracked the Commission’s continuous quality improvement within CHEA’s Transition Framework of new recognition standards.”

The Interim Report, which is an update on changes since the last submission, was based on six standards published in CHEA’s 2010 Recognition Policy and Procedures. The standards demonstrate that a recognized accreditor advances academic quality; demonstrates accountability; encourages where appropriate, self-scrutiny and planning for change and for needed improvement; employs appropriate and fair procedures in decision making; demonstrates ongoing review of accreditation practices; and possesses sufficient resources.

MSCHE highlighted such changes as the revised eight-year accreditation cycle, including the implementation of the Annual Institutional Update and the Mid-Point Peer Review, as well as the increased reliance upon data, the relaunch of the website, and advancements in technology.

CHEA revised its standards for recognition last year. As part of a Transition Framework to implement the new standards, agencies were required to report on certain standards by April 30, 2019, and additional standards by January 1, 2020. MSCHE opted to submit  responses to both parts of the Transition Framework within its 2019 Interim Report. CHEA’s Committee on Recognition noted that the reports were thorough and complete and indicated that no further reporting would required at this time.

MSCHE was last recognized by CHEA in 2013 for a period of 10 years. CHEA policy requires Interim Reports at the end of the third and sixth years of recognition. MSCHE has held recognition since CHEA’s inception in 1996.