Middle States Commission on Higher Education Puts 11 Institutions of the University of Puerto Rico on Show Cause

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has announced that all 11 institutions of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) have been placed on show cause and are required to submit a report by Jan. 25, 2019, as to why accreditation should not be removed. The Commission may take an action of show cause if it has identified one or more areas in which an institution does not meet Commission standards for accreditation, requirements of affiliation, policies and procedures, or federal compliance requirements. The Commission’s show cause action requires that each of the separately accredited UPR institutions demonstrate compliance with Standard VI (Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement), Requirements of Affiliation 11 and 14, and the Related Entities Policy. The UPR institutions remain accredited while on show cause.

The show cause action was precipitated by the failure of the UPR institutions to submit the information required by the Commission in its November 2018 action, specifically the audited financial statement and single audit for June 30, 2017, which was due Jan. 2, 2019.

“It is the hope of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education that the institutions of the University of Puerto Rico system will provide the Commission with the required materials on time so that the Commission is able to carry out its accrediting responsibilities,” said Commission Chair Dr. Margaret M. McMenamin. “While the Commission is sensitive to the challenging circumstances in Puerto Rico, the institutions of the UPR System failed to meet the Commission’s deadline for the required material.”

The Commission may require an institution to show cause at any time in order to demonstrate why its accreditation should not be withdrawn. When it meets in March to consider the accreditation status of each of the UPR institutions, the Commission will determine whether:

> accreditation can be reaffirmed for any or all of the institutions;

> to extend for good cause the eight UPR institutions that were previously on probation;

> show cause should be continued for any or all of the institutions; or

> accreditation should be withdrawn for any or all of the institutions.

Additional information about the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, its policies and procedures, as well as links to the Commission actions for each institution can be found at:

Policies and Procedures








Institutional Non-Compliance Actions and Additional Information

https://www.msche.org/non-compliance-and-adverse-actions/ (and choose the institution to download the letter sent to the U.S. Department of Education)

Additional information about individual UPR institutions, including accreditation history, can be found through the institutional directory here.