Commission Undertakes Project to Clarify Policy and Procedure

In an effort to provide more clarity to Middle States Commission on Higher Education policies, procedures, and guidelines, all related Commission documents are undergoing review and revision to establish a clear and distinct statement of policy accompanied by a separate statement of procedures. Guidelines also may be revised or established as needed.

As part of this review to separate policy and procedure, the Commission is updating the content of its policies and procedures to reflect the membership’s approval of the standards and the accreditation cycle and processes now being fully implemented. Member institutions had previously approved changes to the standards, and the accreditation review cycle and process, and had granted the Commission the authority to make any necessary changes to reflect the adoption of the standards and eight-year cycle.

In carrying out this project, the Commission is following its policy “Review of Commission Standards, Requirements of Affiliation, and Policies. Accreditation policies related to the fulfillment of accreditation standards and requirements of affiliation will be provided to member institutions for comment and approval.

To support members in planning for changes in policy or procedure, the Commission has established three implementation dates during the year. Policies approved by membership and any accompanying procedures and guidelines will become effective on January 1, July 1, or September 1. Technical amendments, which may provide supplemental information, delete unnecessary, undesirable, or outdated information, or correct errors existing in the text, may be published at any time.