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How Do I Become an Evaluator?
How can a prospective student evaluate and compare colleges and universities?
What is accreditation?
Are Distance Education Programs and Courses Accredited?
About the Middle States Association and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education
Who carries out the Commission's work?
Does Middle States meet international criteria as a quality assurance organization?
What Standards Must an Institution Meet to be Accredited?
Does the Commission consider student learning at an institution?
How Often is a College or University Evaluated?
How does the Commission determine if an institution meets accreditation standards?
What are the "self-study" & "peer review" processes?
What is a "Substantive Change"?
Do institutions ever lose accreditation?
Range of Commission Actions on Accreditation
What accreditation records should an institution retain in its archives?
Does the Commission Rank Colleges?
Can the Commission Recommend a College or University?
What Kinds of Information Does the Commission Provide about Institutions?
Does the Commission handle complaints or other grievances against institutions?
How are complaints against the commission handled?
What should students know about expectations for learning at an institution?
Will a college accept credits transferred from another college?
What Happens to Student Records When a College Closes?

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2011 Annual Conference
2011 PRR Workshop
2011 Chairs and Evaluators Workshop
2011 Chairs and Evaluators Workshop
2011 Self-Study Institute
2012 PRR Workshop
2012 Chairs and Evaluators Workshop
2013 MSCHE Annual Conference - Event Concluded
2013 PRRWorkshop Presentation Materials
Presentation Material
Presentation Material
2014 MSCHE Annual Conference
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Periodic Review Report Workshop - REGISTRATION CLOSED
Presentation Material
Chairs & Evaluators Workshop (Philadelphia, PA)
Presentation Material
Chairs & Evaluators Workshop
Presentation Material
Self-Study Institute
Presentation Material
Understanding & Using Student Learning Assessment Results - Event Concluded
Institutional Follow-up: Reports and Visits
Presentation Material
Encouraging and Supporting Campus Wide Involvement in Improving Institutional Effectiveness
Starting a Campus Compliance Program - Registration Closed
Creating and Selecting Assessment Tools
How Mission, Strategy, and Vision Can Strengthen A Successful Institution
Becoming An Assessment Facilitator - REGISTRATION CLOSED - WORKSHOP IS SOLD OUT
Peer Reviewer Training: Follow-up visits
Webinars for Compliance Reviewer Training
Webinars for PRR Reviewer Training
Webinars on Building the Electronic Report
Webinar: Direct Assessment Programs and Middle States: Toward Innovative Curriculum Delivery
Presentation Material
Federal Compliance for Institutions: Verification of Compliance with Accreditation-Relevant Federal Regulations. (2016)
2015 MSCHE Annual Conference
Periodic Review Report Workshop
Chairs & Evaluators Workshop (Philadelphia)
Chairs & Evaluators Workshop (Washington DC)
Self-Study Institute
Assessing Our Assessment: How Are We Doing? - REGISTRATION CLOSED - WORKSHOP SOLD OUT
Creating and Selecting Assessment Tools
Institutional Follow-up Reports and Visits
Becoming An Assessment Facilitator
Starting A Campus Compliance Program
Webinars for PRR Financial Reviewers
Webinar: Direct Assessment Programs and Middle States: Toward Innovative Curriculum Delivery.
Webinar: Direct Assessment Programs and Middle States: Toward Innovative Curriculum Delivery.
PRR Review Training
Compliance Reviewer Training
Compliance Reviewer Training - 2016


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