Middle States Commission on Higher Education


Certification Statements
Contains various certification statements to be used by MSCHE institutions to verify their compliance with the Commission's Requirements of Affiliation.
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Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation
Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation
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Manuals on Accreditation Protocols
Handbook for PRRs, Self-Study: Creating a Useful Process, and Team Visits: Conducting & Hosting an Evaluation Visit
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Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) Orientation Materials
The ALO Orientation e-Packet contains valuable information concerning the role and responsibilities of the ALO, hyperlinks to relevant MSCHE publications, policies, guidelines for institutional improvement, and much more.
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Compliance Verification
Includes the 2017 edition of the Commission's booklet, Verification of Compliance with Accreditation-Relevant Federal Regulations, as well as instructions for electronic submission of materials and electronic templates for reports.
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Guidelines for Institutional Improvement
Assess. Student Learning & Instit. Effectiveness: Understanding MSCHE Expectations, Info. Literacy in the Curriculum, Distance Education, Regional Accreditation & Student Learning, Student Learning Assessment: Options & Resources, Governing Boards, etc.
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Other Publications
Includes the brochure describing How to Become A Peer Evaluator and Principles of Good Practice for an External Quality Assurance Agency.
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Other Resources on Accreditation Topics
Power Point presentations, writings on accreditation issues by MSCHE staff and other presenters, plus valuable web links.
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Forms On-line
Certification Statements,; Document Roadmap; Expense Reimbursement; & Templates for Chair's Confidential Brief (Applicant, Candidate, and Accredited Institutions), Evaluator's Report, and Follow-up Reports.
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Promoting Educational Excellence & Improvement: Facts About the Middle States Commission on Higher Education
This publication, updated in February 2015, provides basic facts about the Commission and its member institutions, a graph of non-compliance actions, information about Commission actions and voluntary peer review activities, and more.
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History of Accreditation and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education
Produced in observance of MSCHE's 90th anniversary in 2009, this booklet traces the origins of accreditation in the U.S. and the nine decades of service by the Commission.
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International Perspectives on Accreditation
A collection of papers, Power Point presentations, and web links regarding accreditation issues from the international perspective.
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