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Membership Mailing Labels and Data Extractions

Mailing Labels

The Commission staff will provide mailing lists and labels of member institutions, in electronic format, to other member institutions upon request. Lists of the postal address for the current chief executive officer are available, but e-mail addresses are not available. A member may request segmenting by state, but not by other categories.

Members typically request these labels to mail announcements of inaugurations or other special events on campus that could be of interest to large numbers of other institutions. The events—such as special workshops and conferences—should be academic in nature, and the labels cannot be used for the sale of any institution’s other products or services.

Lists and/or labels are available on the same terms to other non-profit higher education organizations whose membership includes institutions from the Middle States region.

The fee for this service is $50.00 per set of labels. Member institutions will be billed upon delivery.

Requests should be submitted by e-mail to rpokrass@msche.org. Please include the purpose for which they will be used, the format of the labels (i.e., the fields required), the preferred medium (electronic files in Excel, MSWord, or WordPerfect), the contact name and email address of the person to whom they should be sent, and any purchase order number the institution may require.

Data Extractions

The Commission does not provide customized extractions of data about member institutions. However, summaries of prior Institutional Profiles are available on this website. These summaries reflect region-wide aggregate data gathered annually from the Institutional Profile that each institution is required to submit.

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