P. O. Box 27009
Church Road Willow Grove Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19118
Phone: (215) 887-5511; Fax: (215) 887-5404

Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Peter Lillback, President
Enrollment (Headcount): 560 Graduate
Control: Private (Non-Profit)
Affiliation: None
2015 Carnegie Classification: Special Focus Four-Year - Faith-Related Institutions
Approved Degree Levels: Postbaccalaureate Award/Cert/Diploma, Master's, Doctor's - Professional Practice, Doctor's - Research/Scholarship;
Distance Education Programs: Approved (Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Christian Studies)
Accreditors Recognized by U.S. Secretary of Education: Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools
Instructional Locations
Branch Campuses: None
Additional Locations: London Theological Seminary, London, England
Other Instructional Sites: None
Status: Member since 1954
Last Reaffirmed: June 26, 2014

Most Recent Commission Action:
June 23, 2016: To accept the progress report. The date for the next accreditation review will be determined by the Commission when it revises the accreditation cycle.

Brief History Since Last Comprehensive Evaluation:
June 26, 2014: To reaffirm accreditation and to commend the institution for the quality of the self-study report. To request a progress report due April 1, 2016 documenting the continued development and implementation of (1) a financial planning and budgeting process aligned with the institution's mission, goals, and plan, that provides for both annual and multi-year budget projections (Standard 3); and (2) a comprehensive enrollment management plan, including steps taken to improve student enrollment (Standard 8). The Periodic Review Report is due June 1, 2019.

Next Self-Study Evaluation: 2022 - 2023

Date Printed: February 19, 2017


Branch Campus - A branch campus is a domestic or international location of an institution that is geographically apart, independent of the primary/main campus. The branch campus is considered independent of the main campus if it is permanent in nature; offers courses in educational programs leading to a degree, certificate, or other recognized educational credential; has its own faculty and administrative or supervisory organization; and has its own budgetary and hiring authority. (34 CFR §600.2)

Additional Location - An additional location is a domestic or international location, other than a branch campus, that is geographically apart from the primary/main campus and at which the institution offers at least 50 percent of the requirements of an educational program. (34 CFR §602.22) ANYA ("Approved but Not Yet Active") indicates that the location is included within the scope of accreditation but has not yet begun to offer courses. This designation is removed after the Commission receives notification that courses have begun at this location. ANYC ("Approved but Not Yet Closed") indicates that the institution has requested that the location be officially closed through the substantive change process. The location is currently included within the scope of accreditation but the institution will be stopping all operations at this location in the near future. The institution should inform the Commission (via email at of the date that operations cease. This designation is removed after the Commission receives notification that courses have stopped at this location and the location is no longer listed on the SAS.

Other Instructional Sites - MSCHE defines an other instructional site as any off-campus site, other than those meeting the definition of a branch campus or an additional location, at which the institution offers one or more courses for credit. Sites designated as an other instructional site do not require substantive change approval. However, substantive change approval is required to reclassify an other instructional site to or from a branch campus or additional location.

Distance Education Programs - Fully Approved, Approved (one program approved) or Not Approved indicates whether or not the institution has been approved to offer diploma/certificate/degree programs via distance education (programs for which students could meet 50% or more of the requirements of the program by taking distance education courses). Per the Commission's Substantive Change policy, Commission approval of the first two Distance Education programs is required to be "Fully Approved." If only one program is approved by the Commission, the specific name of the program will be listed in parentheses after "Approved."

Commission actions are explained in the policy Accreditation Actions.