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Frequently Asked Questions About the IP

MSCHE accredited and candidate institutions are required to file an Institutional Profile (IP) annually. Each February, the IP Key User (the individual who completed the previous year's IP) and the institution's Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) are sent communications related to the IP. On the day the IP opens, the IP Key User will be sent login credentials and may login.

If you need a copy of the previous year's IP Report for your institution, log in to the IP and follow the instructions on the Home Page.

Contact Information

For Technical Questions: Mr. Tze Joe at  tjoe@msche.org or (267) 284-5028

For Content Questions: Dr. Amy Moseder at  amoseder@msche.org

For Financial Questions: Ms. Kathie Jeffries at kjeffries@msche.org

For Inquiries in Spanish: Ms. Kathy Melendez at espanolinfo@msche.org or (267) 284-5015