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User's Guide for the Institutional Profile (Word)
(Instructions for configuring the security of the IP application.)

Purpose of the IP

Member and Candidate institutions are required to file an Institutional Profile (IP) annually.

Data from the IP:

  1. offer evaluation teams and staff a “snapshot” of an institution's structure, operations, finances, and accreditation status;
  2. enable staff to monitor an individual institution's compliance with selected aspects of accreditation standards;
  3. update the Commission's on-line Directory of member and candidate institutions and the "Statement of Accreditation Status," which is the official statement about each institution that is available to the public;
  4. provide the Commission with a basis for assessing dues; and
  5. assist staff in developing region-wide aggregate data, some of which are made available to the public.

Failure to Submit an IP

Several MSCHE policy statements point to the importance of the Institutional Profile:

Cycle and Timing of Accreditation Review

"All institutions are reviewed through...annual reporting....Failure to submit the documents...indicates an institution's unwillingness to maintain its membership in good faith...."

Institutional Responsibilities in the Accreditation Process

"In the event that an institution fails to submit a required follow-up or other report, including the Institutional Profile...the institution will be considered to have voluntarily allowed its accreditation to lapse...."

Who is an IP Key User?

A Key User is the person whom an institution officially designates to complete the MSCHE Institutional Profile.

The Key User should become familiar with the format and structure of the IP and review the changes for the current year. Only the Key User can "lock down" and submit the IP, and this function can be completed only with the Key User's unique username and password.

The Key User may give other staff at the institution permission to review and complete certain sections of the IP by adding them as a “User”. The additional Users can not lock down or submit the IP.

User Name and Password

The Key User (the person who completed the Institutional Profile in the previous year) will receive an e-mail assigning a unique User Name and a 7-character Password. The Key User should log on to the IP and change the password that MSCHE provides. 

If you have received the email and are not the Key User, please contact the responsible office at your institution (e.g., President, Provost, Accreditation Liaison Officer, Director of Institutional Research, etc.) and ask them to send an e-mail to tjoe@msche.org notifying the Commission who is authorized to be the Key User. The institution is responsible for notifying the Commission if a Key User has left the institution or is no longer authorized and has been replaced by someone else.

Printing an IP Report & Instructions

The 2013-14 IP report which includes data from last year’s IP data collection, plus any data updated as of your login date, is available to print or download.

To print a copy of the IP Report, select the desired section or select “All Sections (with instructions)” and click the Print Report button. To download the report, click the radio button for “Download [MS Word]” and click the Download Report button.

You may print or download a copy of the IP Report with Instructions which can be separated by section and distributed to staff members at your institution.


For Technical Questions: Mr. Tze Joe at  tjoe@msche.org or (267) 284-5028

For Content Questions: Dr. Amy Moseder at  amoseder@msche.org

For Financial Questions: Ms. Kathie Jeffries at kjeffries@msche.org

For Inquiries in Spanish: Ms. Kathy Melendez at españolinfo@msche.org or (267) 284-5015